Preferred ways of contact

There are many ways to contact XMvn authors and maintainers. The choice of channel of communication depends on purpose and topic rather than your individual preference.

Preferred ways of contact
Purpose of contact Preferred communication channel Alternative communication channel
Reporting bugs Github
Requesting features Github Mailing list
Asking quick questions IRC Mailing list
Asking for support Mailing list
Sending feedback Mailing list Private email
Discussing development Mailing list IRC
Submitting patches Github Pull request
Reporting security bugs Private email


All security-insensitive bugs should be reported on Github. Anonymous users have read-only access and can only browse issues. In order to submit new issue or comment on existing one you need to have an account on Github and log in with your credentials.

Code can be contributed through pull requests.

Mailing list

Topics related to usage and development of XMvn can be discussed on Fedora Java mailing list. To get a reply you need to subscribe to the list. Alternatively you can check list archives.

When positing to the mailing list please follow some basic rules. Don't top-post, send messages in plain text (not HTML), don't CC the sender when replying to a message, try to limit line lengths to 72 characters, avoid non-ASCII characters.


Internet Relay Chat is the preferred way of asking quick questions and other real-time communication. You can find XMvn developers and maintainers hanging out on #fedora-java on Freenode.

If you don't get any response in reasonable then you can try contacting mizdebsk directly.

Private mail

As the last resort way of contacting XMvn authors you can send them private email. You can find their addresses in AUTHORS file, which is available in source distribution.

Please do not send private emails asking for support. The mailing list is for such purposes.